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How often do you weigh yourself?

I haven’t really been weighing myself because, as I get used to portion sizes, etc I find I binge occasionally. (yikes!) today my goal is one week binge free - suggestions?

  1. toddhudak answered: I try to keep daily tabs— this helps me because I travel so much.
  2. stishtastic answered: I don’t weigh myself. Well, sometimes outta curiosity, but I go by how my clothes fit, and how my body feels. Much healthier that way!
  3. transluzent answered: i weigh myself 1 or 2x in the time-span of 2 months. it’s only to see if my weight stays steady, i’m not trying to lose.
  4. arcanex answered: once a week (: its hard because i just want to keep checking but you’ll actually see progress if you check once a week (:
  5. greenstreethooligann answered: I’ll only weigh myself once a week. Your body fluctuates and it ends up being discouraging to weigh in daily. That’s what I’ve found at least
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